Terms & Conditions for Orders

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Before ordering ZEROO, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

Order Cancellation Policy:
Once payment has been confirmed, cancellations of your order are not permitted. Even if laws in your country guarantee the option to cancel after an order has been placed, such provisions do not apply in Japan. Please ensure you review your order carefully before finalizing.

Production Timeframe:
For products assembled in Japan, it will take approximately 2 weeks from the time of order to shipment. Kindly note that the production time might differ for products not manufactured in Japan.

Unforeseen Delays:
Due to changing societal conditions, unexpected natural disasters, epidemics, and other unpredictable factors, there might be delays in production, procurement of parts, or shipping. We appreciate your understanding and patience in advance should such delays occur.

Customs and Taxes:
You might be required to pay customs duties and import consumption taxes according to your country's regulations. FedEx will settle these taxes and duties and bill them to your account. Failure to cover such duties and taxes might result in the forced return of the goods to Japan. Should you require the item(s) to be shipped again, additional shipping costs for the return trip will be billed to you.

Warranty Notice:
Please note that failing to pay the customs duty will void the warranty on your watch. Subsequent repair or inspection requests for the watch will be chargeable.






After confirming, please return to the checkout page. | 確認後チェックアウトページに戻ってください

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