All ZEROO watches are attributed to SYUU, the designer and director. He has been working in the watch industry for many years and has seen many watches in his hands, both in Japan and abroad, which gives him a sense of discomfort.

In a time when what is called "authentic" is monopolized by a few people, and the very nature of the watch is being questioned, why does it have to be a wristwatch? One answer to this question is the essence of ZEROO watches, which "define the future."

SYUU, on the other hand, has also designed products for major household appliance manufacturers and printers, as well as wristwatches, which is why every ZEROO watch starts with a drafting sketch by him. He then creates his own elaborate designs based on these sketches, and supervises the manufacture of the parts and their assembly in workshops both in Japan and abroad.

ZEROO believes that this is a "manufacture" by SYUU.