"Rebuild a wristwatch from scratch"

Today, the wristwatch is no longer a tool for checking the time, but has been repositioned as an expression of one's identity. If you just want to check the time, you can get accurate information on your smartphone, computer, TV or radio. So why do people wear watches? There are many reasons, philosophies and beliefs: to add colour to life, to express one's way of life, to strengthen bonds with friends. ZEROO TIME has thoroughly examined the question: what is a wristwatch? and give shape to our own philosophy.

The watch brand ZEROO, born in 2017, redefines the wristwatch, a tool filled with the wisdom of mankind.

Measure the time.

People have been trying to know the time for about 6,000 years.
It started with a huge sundial, which became smaller as technology advanced.
It wasn't until the end of the 19th century that the wristwatch made its appearance in history.
At first, it was a simple pocket watch with a leather strap for winding, but at that time, the instrument of time measurement reached its perfection.

Since then, people have pursued even greater precision and gorgeous designs in their small cases.
Gradually, the wristwatch became less of a tool for measuring time and more of a tool for creating identity, and many models appeared to suit individual styles.

However, despite the apparent diversity and breadth of the wristwatch, both function and design are becoming increasingly standardized in what is essentially a finished form.
One of the reasons for this is that manufacturers with strong brand power have monopolized the high technology, and the number of people who can get their hands on one of these exquisite watches has become limited to a few wealthy people.

ZEROO has redefined watches from three perspectives in order to correct the dilemma that modern watches face and to find the meaning of wearing a watch in the world again, and has introduced to the world "truly high-quality watches that are accessible to all people.”


Redefine "Classic".

We have redefined the "classic" that is originally completed with the passage of time, symbolized by the [C Series]. We have focused on antique watches that are defined as "classic" and gain added value through years of use. The moon phase, which is one of the most symbolic designs, has been rebuilt as an "advanced classic" with modern technology.

Redefine "Design".

We have redefined "design" by accurately grasping the various trends. Fashions are often thought to be transient, but fashions that have an axis become the norm and create a new genre. In the wristwatch field, sports luxury is just that, and the [M series] has created an active and dressy watch with a modern interpretation.

Redefine "Standard".

We have redefined "standard" with amazing pricing while maintaining prestige. It redefines the watch itself.This is epitomized by the flagship model, the "T Series", which features the most precise and beautiful mechanism, the Tourbillon, while making it accessible to everyone.

Redefine "Future".

We have redefined the meaning of the watch itself by reconstructing the elements included in the "standard", "classic", and "design" categories of watches. This is the attitude of "defining the future" that can be seen in the "DT series", in other words, the attitude of creating a way of being for watches that has never been seen before.

ZEROO watches, born from this attitude, are designed with the future of time measuring tools in mind. Without compromising on accuracy or design, we aim to create new values in watches.

ZEROO watches, born from this attitude, are designed with the future of time measuring tools in mind. Without compromising on accuracy or design, we aim to create new values in watches.

ZEROO TIME is a watch manufacturer based in the suburbs of Tokyo, established in December 2017.
In 2018, the company developed ZEROO ART, a fashion watch with no hands on the dial.
In August of the same year, the company officially launched the product.
Since then, the company has been ambitiously working on developing new watches, and has been releasing new products mainly through crowdfunding since 2020.

ur History

December 2017 - ZEROO TIME co,ltd. established.

May 2018 ZEROO ART Series was released.

August 2020 ZEROO CLASSIC Series Classic Moonphase I was released.

October 2020 ZEROO TOURBILLON Series Full Skeleton Tourbillon ZEROO T1 THE ARCHOR was released.

December 2020 ZEROO CLASSIC Series Classic Moonphase II ZEROO C2 THE VIRGO was released.

January 2021 ZEROO MODERN Series ZEROO M1 THE AURIGA, a thin tonneau case skeleton mechanical manual winding wristwatch was released.

May 2021 ZEROO DOUBLE TOURBILLON Series double tourbillon wristwatch ZEROO DT1 THE GEMINI was released.

August 2021 ZEROO M1D THE AURIGA Damascus Steel Skeletn Mechanical was released.

August 2021 Release of the first ZEROO tourbillon series, the T3 automatic, and the T4 with a tonneau-shaped case

January 2022 Release of the Crystal Case Top Full Skeleton Tourbillon ZEROO T5 THE ARCHER

June 2022 Release of the ZEROO T6 THE QUASER center tourbillon

August 2022 Release of the full skeleton tourbillon ZEROO T8 THE ORION in an octagonal case

September 2022 Release of the ZEROO M2 THE SUBARU, the first automatic watch in the ZEROO M-series

ZEROO is a new watch brand planned and developed by ZEROO TIME co,ltd. ZEROO TIME co,ltd. has been developing unique watches under the motto of "redefining watches from scratch."

In 2018, the ZEROO ART series, a fashion watch without hands, was announced. In 2020, the Classic Moonphase I, a fully skeletonized tourbillon was released, and in 2021, the ZEROO M1 THE AURIGA, a thin tonneau case skeleton mechanical manual winding watch, and the ZEROO DT1 THE GEMINI, a double tourbillon watch have been released, and the Makuake project has been so successful that the supporter quota was filled within a week.