ZEROO's new watch fair at B1F THE TIME HOUSE, Hankyu Men's Osaka

ZEROO Watch Fair ZEROO watch fair will be held at B1F THE TIME HOUSE of Hankyu Men's Osaka from September 9(Fri) to 25(Sun), 2022. ZEROO Watch Fair will be held with new models (samples will be exhibited), popular models, and rare models all in one place.

At this year's fair, Zero will exhibit for the first time the T6 center tourbillon and the T8 full skeleton tourbillon (both sample samples), the newest models introduced this season. The watches will be available for pre-order during the exhibition period. (Delivery date will be after the end of December, 2022.)

Hankyu Men's Osaka THE TIME HOUSE Reservations: September 9 (Fri.) - September 25 (Sun.)


New T8 in octagonal case


ZEROO's newest creation is the ZEROO T8, the brand's first tourbillon with a case that is a fusion of octagonal and round. A part of the collection will be exhibited at Hankyu Men's Osaka prior to the nationwide launch.



The tourbillon mechanism, considered the flower of complications, is one of the most outstandingly beautiful mechanical watches. The T8 is a wristwatch developed for the purpose of enjoying the beauty of the movement by looking at it, rather than covering it up with a case.

T8 was developed in pursuit of the essential beauty of a wristwatch. The way in which all the complicated mechanisms harmoniously tick by is extremely beautiful and pleasing to the eye. The beauty of the movement is fully brought out, and the overall form of the wristwatch is also thoroughly focused on beauty.



A newly designed dial frame for the T8, which makes THE ARCHER's arched shape simpler and stronger with three bars to hold the mechanism in place beautifully.


We give ZEROO a name that has its source in the universe. Infinite space and eternal time. The name ZEROO is derived from the desire to encapsulate the wonder of time and space in a wristwatch.

The three bars on the movement represent the three stars of Orion's central belt shining in the winter night sky, the ruby on the balance bearing in the tourbillon carriage represents Betelgeuse, the red first-magnitude star on Orion's shoulder, and the blue screws on the arms represent the blue first-magnitude star on Orion's legs The blue screws on the arms represent Rigel, the blue first-magnitude star on Orion's legs.



The T8 is made of sapphire glass, which is the most transparent and strong material ever used in a ZEROO Tourbillon watch.




The strap and buckle are also newly developed. The strap, which flows out from the beautiful octagonal case, is made of high-quality fluorine rubber, and the D-buckle is also newly designed. The D-buckle is also newly designed and finished.

Three color variations are available: silver (SS)/black (SS/black PVD)/rose gold (SS/RG PVD). Each color is limited to 1000 pieces, and the case back is engraved with a serial number.

ZT008SWB ¥594,000(Tax included)
<Samples on display>
ZT008BBB ¥594,000(Tax included)
<Waiting for sample to arrive>
ZT008RBW ¥594,000(Tax included)
<No samples on display>



Movement : Cal.ZT05 Tourbillon manual winding
Power reserve : 60 hours
Case diameter/thickness : 43mm/11mm
Case Material : SS(316L) , SS/black PVD, SS/rose gold PVD with white rubber strap
Middle case: Sapphire crystal
Limited edition of 1000 pieces in each color with engraved serial number
Windshield: Sapphire crystal
Back: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 3ATM (everyday life water resistance)
Strap: Rubber (lug width: 26mm / tailstock width: 18mm)
Buckle: D buckle
Hour markers/Hands: Superluminova
Weight: approx. 102 g
Standard retail price: 594,000 yen (tax included)

Pre-order: September 9, 2022 - September 25, 2022
Estimated arrival date: December 2022 - February 2023
Customers who pre-order will receive two colors of replacement straps as a service.


*You will receive two different colors of straps from the straps that come with the watch you ordered.
*The buckle is not included with the strap.



Central tourbillon with the image of a shining galaxy


ZT006SBR <サンプル展示有り>


The design of the T6 watch represents a beautifully shining galaxy in the universe. The powerful design features a tourbillon carriage in the center of the dial. The three spiral arms of the tourbillon carriage and the retro-modern dial with its three-dimensional mortar-like structure evoke the image of a quasar (an active galaxy shining brightly at a very great distance) marking time in the faraway universe.

The hour and minute hands, attached to two independent ring-shaped discs surrounding the carriage, are curved to match the curves of the dial.

The center tourbillon, which has been released by high-end Swiss brands, is not uncommonly priced at more than 10 million yen, making it difficult for the average wristwatch enthusiast to afford it. However, in keeping with Zero Time's philosophy of "delivering high quality timepieces at an affordable price point,

The development of this center tourbillon was based on Zero Time's philosophy of "providing high quality timepieces at an affordable price point.

The parts of the tourbillon carriage, including the tenor, are silver-colored to emphasize the mechanical feel, and only one of the three arms of the carriage, which rotates once a minute, is colored blue to ensure its legibility as a seconds hand. To ensure visibility of the seconds hand on the carriage that rotates once a minute, only one of the three arms of the screw is colored blue.

The T6 is inspired by the beautifully shining galaxies in the universe, with the carriage at the heart of the watch as the center of the galaxy, the three spiral-shaped arms and tourbillon (spiral in French), and the baseplate visible through the see-through back, which is also finished in a spiral shape, creating a mysterious The design of the three-dimensional mortise and tenon dial gives depth to the space inside the watch and expresses the vast expanse of the galaxy.



Movement : Cal.ZT06 Tourbillon manual winding
Power reserve : 42 hours
Case diameter/thickness : 43mm/11mm
Case material : SS(316L)
Windshield : Sapphire crystal
Back: Screw back with sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 5ATM (water resistant for daily life)
Strap: calf leather
Buckle: D buckle
Hour markers/Hands: Superluminova
Weight: approx. 96g
Standard retail price: 440,000 yen (tax included)

Pre-order: September 9, 2022 - September 25, 2022
Estimated arrival date: December 2022 - February 2023

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