ZEROO WATCH FAIR will be held at Sonic Plus Center Niigata, the car audio specialty store of genuine orientation.

ZEROO Watch Fair 2022.7.30 (Sat) - 8.31 (Wed), we will hold a fair of ZEROO brand. This time, we have urgently received rare models such as T5 ZT005SSW, which is the newest T5 of this year.

In addition to the automatic winding T3, the popular model T4 will be unveiled with further color variations such as black PVD/silver SS/rose gold PVD case variations as well as a wide variety of strap colors such as red/orange/blue. In addition, the rare T1 model and the double tourbillon DT1 are also available.



Sonic Plus Center Niigata, a genuine-oriented car audio specialty store based on the concept of "changing your travel time into a blissful time", is a famous store that customers come all the way from outside of the prefecture to visit. The owner of the shop is a connoisseur who started dealing with the brand when there were no ZEROO dealers.


At this year's fair, Zero will be showcasing the T5, the latest in its line of full skeleton tourbillons, the newest addition to the Zero line this season. The watch will be available for pre-order during the fair. (Delivery date will be after the end of September.)

The T5's flying tourbillon stands out even more in its transparent sapphire crystal case, thanks to a newly designed dial frame and a design that emphasizes the Archer curve of the movement frame. The result is a design with an uncanny floating and shimmering effect.

Sonic Plus Center Niigata Reservation sales 7/30(Sat) - 8/31(Wed)
Case size: 42 mm
CASE TOP: Sapphire crystal / SS case
STRAP: Black leather strap
Water resistance: 3ATM
Price: ¥458,700 (tax included)

Customers who pre-order during this period will receive an additional ZEROO brown leather strap as a free gift.

The sapphire crystal case gives the flying tourbillon a floating and shimmering appearance on the wrist.

T5 Original design drawing

The T5 exists in three color variations. The case bottom is silver and black. The dial frame is silver (ZT005SSW) / black (ZT005SBB) (*) / rose gold PVD (ZT005SBR).
Each color 458,700 yen (tax included)


*For the silver model, only one of the actual item will be on display. If you are interested in this product, please contact us in advance because there may be no exhibition when it is sold out. Please acknowledge that there is no exhibition this time about the sample sample exhibition, and the black model about the rose gold model, and the black model.

T4 FULL SKELTON with avant-garde design of tonneau shaped full skeleton

TOURBILLON THE ARCHER is a best-selling model with a particularly beautiful case shape. Limited to 1000 pieces in each colour with a serial number engraved on the case. The strap is made of fluorine rubber and has been well received for its good wearing comfort.

The front/reverse of the case is made of sapphire crystal and the case side is made of quartz glass. The dynamic, fully skeletonized tonneau case allows you to admire the beautiful movement.




Case size: 41mm x 48mm
Case: SS / Black PVD
Strap: Fluorine rubber
Windshield: Sapphire crystal
Case Side: Quartz Glass
Water resistance: 3ATM
Limited edition of 1000 pieces in each color with engraved serial number
Price: ¥330,000 (tax included)



The T4 is available in a wide range of colors.



Sonic Plus Center Niigata
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