Terms & Conditions for ZEROO Pre-Orders

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Before ordering ZEROO, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

ZEROO T8 & M2 are a made-to-order product. Cancellation is not possible after payment is confirmed. Even if the law of your country stipulates a guaranteed cancellation after an order has been placed, such a provision does not apply to this order, as there is no such provision in Japan. Please consider this matter carefully before placing an order.Deliveries of first production lot of the watch will be done from the end of December 2022 to the end of February 2023. The orders will be shipped in the order of the earliest order placed.Please note that changes in social conditions, unexpected natural disasters, epidemics, and other factors may cause delays in the production and procurement of components, which may unavoidably delay the shipment date as well.

If you are ordering from overseas, you will be required to pay customs duty according to the regulations of your country upon receipt of your order.

ZEROO T8&M2は受注生産品です。お支払い確定後のキャンセルはできません。ご注文者様の国の法律に、注文後のキャンセルが保証されるものが定められていても、日本にはそのような規定がありませんので、本注文には適用されません。ご注文になる前に、十分なご検討をお願いします。デリバリーは、2022年12月末から2023年2月頃の開始を予定しております。ご注文の早い順番に発送されます。社会情勢の変動や予期せぬ自然災害、疫病等の影響を受け、部品の生産や調達に遅れが発生し、出荷時期もやむを得ず遅延する場合がございます。あらかじめご了承をお願いいたします。

After confirming, please return to the checkout page. | 確認後チェックアウトページに戻ってください

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